System Mastery 194 – Sentinel Comics: The RPG

From an old hero game to a new one, it’s time to talk about Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game.  Sentinels is an expansive setting with a vast cast of characters old and new, but we barely have time to even mention that as we go into detail over the Cortex-reminiscent and innovation ruleset.  Maybe we can talk story stuff next time.

Announcement Mastery:
Comics, Games, and Things: Comics, Games, and Things is an online hobby store that carries model kits, paints, miniatures games, and rpg books, and a large variety of 3d printable files.  Find them online at
Special Contest event!!!!  Comics, Games, and Things is giving away a copy of the new Sentinels RPG and two copies of the starter pack to a few lucky winners, but time is extremely tight!  Visit this website and sign in to enter to win!  Entries will only be accepted through the end of February so act fast!  Oh, and US entrants only, for a ton of extremely complicated reasons!


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