System Mastery 186 – Supermegatopia

There’s nothing quite so exciting to find as a unique blend RPG.  Here we see a blend of comedy, furry stuff, light breast expansion and pregnancy fetishes, and superheroes.  I bet you didn’t know you were missing that unique swirl of content!  Well, anyway, you shouldn’t.

This week’s Announcement Masteries

  • “Dinoplex: Cataclysm” is available now for $3.00 on DriveThruRPG and Take your players on a dinosaur vacation in space they’ll never forget!
  • Einar Másson:  Instagram @emassonart, Twitter @einarmasson, E-mail Prices range from about $50.00USD for a simple avatar to $150.00 USD for a full-figure full-color portrait to about $300.00 USD for more complicated stuff.

2 responses to “System Mastery 186 – Supermegatopia

  1. Thanks to other podcasts, I’ve become familiar with far more sexy tabletop games than I would have expected to even exist. What confuses me about them is that not a single one of them was actually about the sex. It was always “some other RPG but horny”. Surely if you want a structure for erotic roleplay, you want the sex to be front and center, right?

  2. while the book itself is from 2003 the comics that inspired it are most likely some years older than that, further explaining how extra-dated and extra-basic a lot of the jokes are. my memory is fuzzy because its been about 2 decades, but i’ll try to help. i doubt the men-men and the ex-guys/ex-men are the same group, the whole joke around the ex-guys, besides being an obvious x-men reference, is that they are a team whose members are transgender women, hence, well, “ex-guys”. the men-men are most likely a separate group of gay supers. unless playing confused was your artful way of simply bypassing discussing any of that, in which case well done. i guess you could consider it marginally better than pretending gay and trans ppl dont exist, except for the fact none of the members of either team got any stat profiles

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