System Mastery Special – Things We Hate About D&D – Part 2

Hey whoops this was only ever free on our Patreon.  Should be here too.  Now it is.  Hooray!  The balance is complete and finally I can diminish, and go into the West.

5 responses to “System Mastery Special – Things We Hate About D&D – Part 2

  1. yeah the feats are a bit of a drag right now, not just in the fact they limit things but in that it’s a real hard decision to get them or your +2 to stat. maybe classes or subclasses could like, let u pick from a list of feats thematic to them to fill up some of the “dead levels”

  2. I dearly wish I could give my old GM the Red Dragon DO YOU SEE????? treatment with all three of these episodes. I’m sure he’d have some kind of dumb “oh, but 3.5 DnD is still the best system because wharrgarbl” rules lawyer argument for every point rather than finally just admitting that the only part of roleplaying he actually enjoys is making the character that hits the hardest and doesn’t have to deal with any situations where he’s not 100% in control of the outcome at all times, but it’s still a nice thought.

  3. Listened through Part 2 and I’m thinking to myself that if you guys like 4e you should give PF 2e a look. It achieves more balance like 4e, but it’s also less “gamey” if that makes sense. And it addresses many of the complaints you two have about D&D.

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