Robotech – System Mastery 180

Yeah, we needed a break again.  Jesus, Wraeththu.  So for now, let’s dive into dependable old Palladium.  Two scoops of whoops in every book!  Robotech is one of the early Palladium license titles, which is always a source of hilarious conflict and tone problems in every try, and here we find it, surprisingly fast.  For an 80 page book.


6 responses to “Robotech – System Mastery 180

  1. It’s funny you say nothing ever changes in Palladium games in the Robotech episode. The Second Edition of ths Palladium Robotech RPG, which started with their Shadow Chronicles book, actually does make some key system changes, including an optional new character creation system.

  2. Since you basically asked for someone to be an intolerable nerd, yes. Gundam is older. It’s also, as mentioned, traditionally been gayer, from the original show inspiring fan magazines to draw the lead and his rival kissing to Iron Blooded Orphans in 2015 just straight up having a confirmed bisexual Gundam pilot.

    Macross, meanwhile, had a series where Bryan Cranston voiced the hero.

    This is probably more than you even cared to know about either.

    • You say IBO has a “confirmed bisexual pilot” as though it didn’t also have the two main female characters get married and raise a kid together.

    • I mean the other thing is that Gundam doesn’t have convertible mecha, by default. It’s also Earth vs the In-system colonies in nature whereas Macross is Earth vs inter-galactic threat. I think Gundam has always been a bigger franchise but Macross has put out a fair amount of content, most of which does not reach american shores in an official capacity due to licensing.

  3. For the record, “Itano Circus” is the industry name for “fire all the missiles at once”; named after the animation director.

    At the time of the conversion book, a Veritech firing all of its missiles at once was one of the few ways to easily take out a Glitterboy.

  4. Couple things, there wasn’t two women zentraedi who converted- it was rather one woman, and three men, who got micronized then infatuated with one of the humans.

    Another thing is that the concept of Destroids being riot defense- that comes from the series. One of the reasons why they have big robots, and fighters that turn into robots, is because the Zentraedi are giants. So a human robot is soldier-sized compared to a regular Zentraedi guy. Thus post-war, when there are a bunch of ‘regular-sized’ zentraedi going around, the destroids and veritechs often have to go in and quell trouble (by talking). The idea being that the Zentraedi are at first in love with human culture, but after the honeymoon is over, tehir war-like tendencies resurface. That part of the series is by the way, pretty crap. Originally Macross had a certain run of episodes but then the network ordered more shows so they had all this post-war uprising nonsense which was frankly, not as good as the rest.

    Also I think the blue people are from the Southern Cross/Robotech Masters era. I think the masters and the civilians onboard their ships are blue.

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