Horrortoberfest 2019 – Day 15 – Charlotte


To make the transition from Creepy Doll Week to Anthology Week easier, I found a horror anthology that features a creepy doll as the background story. Anthologies have several things going for them in that they are a great place to get shorter stories that might lose something being feature length and, when themed, you can get varied takes on similar subject matter. Sadly, Charlotte doesn’t really have either of those as most of the vignettes feel more like half-finished scripts and there is no real theme binding them together. I’ll give a brief breakdown of each story.

The framing mechanism for the movie is a babysitter that gets captured by an evil doll. The doll proceeds to show her several random horror things on the TV for…some reason. Every time we cut back to the babysitter she is getting more and more messed up until you see that she is being turned into a doll herself.

The first story is about jealous sisters. One sister becomes a famous movie star while the other one gets in a wreck and becomes blind and loses a leg. Jealous, she goes to a voodoo witch to take those same things away from her sister and have them for herself. Then she gets in a car wreck and gets burned all over and it turns out there is a third sister and she orchestrated(?) the whole thing so she could get a liver from a dead sister.

2nd story is that a woman shows up trick or treating on Halloween at this couple’s house. She leaves her purse and the husband goes to return it. When he doesn’t return for 4 hours the wife goes looking at this store that he was headed to. She finds a backroom that leads to a weird concrete dungeon where he husband is dead and there is a woman kept prisoner. She releases the woman but oh no, turns out she was being held because she’s a murderer but the first lady helps her. No idea how the husband died if murder lady was already locked up. Maybe everyone is bad in this. Who knows?

3rd story inexplicably takes place in the 80’s but that has nothing to do with the story. In this one, a babysitter tells the kid she is watching that if you keep your feet out of the blanket a troll will tickle them and if you aren’t ticklish, he takes your feet. I think you can tell where this is headed and yes, the babysitter falls asleep with her feet out of the blanket and gets them chopped off by a troll. Hooray.

The 4th and worst vignette is a weird little guy that tries to summon demons and indeed he does. He gives them a couple of his fingers to eat and he eats a cookie. That is the whole thing.

5th story is about a guy that doesn’t want to buy any Adventure Girl cookies and the scouts keep coming back and bothering him. Then he sees that his neighbors are all basically acting like zombies and staring into the distance, eating cookies and staring at him. He tries to fight back against the cookie girls but they eventually poison dart him and force him to eat a cookie.

Story 6 opens with a woman trapped in a room with a man tied to a chair. She finds a note and it turns out that another man has brought the two of them here because he knows the man in the chair raped and killed her son. He offers her the chance at retribution and gives her a sword. We cut away before we find out what happens.

The 7th story is about the child of a divorced mom who is not the best parent. When she goes out on a date. leaving her daughter home alone, the daughter gets a package with a Samantha doll and she spends the night playing with her new BFF. The mom gets home and refuses to let her daughter take the doll to school the next day. She takes the doll to a trash center and then oh no, it’s behind her car and no resolution.

The last story is about 3 kids trying to see a horror movie. The main girl hands the ticket lady a note from her dad saying she can see the movie but she is dismissed. Undeterred, the girl sneak in through the back. Meanwhile, it has become exceedingly obvious that this whole movie showing is being put on just for werewolves. They catch the girl and go to auction her off as food but then they read the note from the father and it’s signed Lucifer so I guess this is Satan’s kid and she blows up all the werewolves. The end.

Score: 2 out of 5. The movie is mildly watchable but none of the shorts in this anthology are really good and several are actively bad. I hate the ones that feel like they are just the set up to a horror movie and then end without anything getting resolved. Bleh.

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