Expounded Universe 95 – Daddy Warshacks

Jef is stuck in last week, but the show goes on!  The post battle conversations are equal parts thrilling and samey, and someone forgot to watch the twins, so off they go again!

2 responses to “Expounded Universe 95 – Daddy Warshacks

  1. The EU had given me the understanding that hyperspace was a Babylon 5-ish alternate dimension that was closely related to realspace. Gravity wells left a “shadow” on hyperspace and as a safety measure ships would dump out or refuse to jump away if they got too close, which is why you couldn’t jump to FTL while still in a planet’s atmosphere. Passing into a gravity well’s shadow would also dump you out… but as a smear of atomic dust across most of the local star system, if not just embedded directly somewhere inside the source of the gravity well.

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