Eoris Essence (Part 1) – System Mastery 155

A lavish box set full of tomes of full color wonder!  A comprehensive vision of an exciting and vast universe!  But System Mastery!  Could it be… completely impossible to read?  We dive into the madness of Eoris Essence, in a weird way that we’ll just have to explain in the show.

5 responses to “Eoris Essence (Part 1) – System Mastery 155

  1. The setting book for Eoris is one of my favorite rpg things ever. Thinking about the scale on which everything it proposes exists is brain-shattering.

  2. Okay, so the way you determine what species go with which character type is a little weird. On pages 38-40 of the rule book, when it’s talking about the character types, each one has a shape at the start of its section. (Upward pointing triangle, downward pointing triangle, and circle) On the species pages, under the name and Senses guide, the corresponding shapes are shown to let you know who is associated with what.

  3. I am enjoying the format of one person who knows the rules and one person asking questions about them. I think the conversation aspect gives some life to the show.

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