Kobolds Ate My Baby – System Mastery 149

Every once in a while we’ve both got so much else going on that we have to rely on what we call “The Emergency Stack”, a collection of books short enough that we can read them quick and get everything else done that week too.  Well, right now we’re swamped, so we grabbed KAMB off the stack.  It’s got everything you’d want, packed into a tiny package.  Jokes, Kovalic art, stats that spell out beer, you name it!

4 responses to “Kobolds Ate My Baby – System Mastery 149

  1. I think the inexplicable number of pimp jokes in the book were a product of the time period in which the book was published, as I can remember pimps being inexplicably common in comedy stuff back in the early 2000s. This, of course, doesn’t excuse the poor taste of the jokes themselves or explain why pop culture as a whole suddenly decided pimps were the apex of comedy at the turn of the millennium.

  2. Now you need to do another episode of “Who eats this shit?” wherr you eat marshmallows positively smoothered in ranch. I will pay top dollar for it. I’d pay top dollar for any other episodes of “Who eats this shit,” though.

  3. One thing I heard about memory is that, the first time you tell a story about something happening, your version may be pretty accurate- but after a while, the story your telling is based on not the memory of the event but the memory of the last time you told the story. So it’s like each person is playing the telephone game with themselves throughout their life.

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