In Theaters Now – Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

We went to go see Detective Pikachu after I messed up and only put 3 options on the available poll for the month. Oh well, now you can learn all about how we don’t know anything about Pokemon and how Jef continues to find theaters with the worst people in them.

2 responses to “In Theaters Now – Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

  1. Good episode, guys. Not gonna nerd rage on you too much since most of the points raised and questions asked were pretty spot on. I just wanna clarify something about the fiction since it’s probably not obvious if you haven’t played the games extensively like I have. And even then, it’s probably still not super obvious.

    One of the core tenets of Pokémon, at least in most of the games that have been released within the past ten years, is the idea of humans coexisting peacefully with these wild murder beasts and actually working together with them to make life better for all involved. I won’t deny that there are things in-universe that undermine this philosophy, but the rule of thumb I like to use is that good people generally like their Pokémon and rely on establishing trust with them to achieve their goals while bad people generally do whatever they want to achieve their goals, typically at the expense of the people and Pokémon around them. Tim Goodman and Bill Nighy are actually a really good example of this dichotomy in action.

    This is probably just my interpretation of the series and, again, it’s not really something you’d pick up on without playing one of the more recent games all the way through and paying careful attention to what’s being said during dialogue and cutscenes. The games tend to be rather subtle in how they deliver their message.

    Once again, I really enjoyed the episode. Also, that person who was in Jef’s theater sounded like she was actively miserable to be around, regardless of whether she meant to be or not. How in the actual hell did you manage to remember anything about the movie with her sitting behind you?

  2. My bet is the woman at the theater was a streamer/instagram person.

    Also from what I heard, the 1:1 people to partner thing was because of the main villain wasn’t it? That was his plan?

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