Fading Suns – System Mastery 147

Sorta 40k, sorta Vampire, maybe a little Dune in there?  Anyway it’s a space RPG where there’s a church that’s basically Catholicism through a greasy mirror and a bunch of surprisingly recognizable races.  Apparently there was a good 4X video game set in this world once?  Cool.

One response to “Fading Suns – System Mastery 147

  1. Mine is an irrational love for Fading Suns even though I find its system the slightly brain-damaged baby of oWoD and AD&D 2e (mostly in the d20 roll-under aspect similar to 2e’s ability checks), its setting incredibly cliche (maybe it was fresher at the time, maybe not, I’m a late-comer), and the 90s metaplot painfully dumb. Like I said, irrational, and I’ll probably never get any friends to play it. I need to perhaps put in a more thorough search for medieval space fantasy games that aren’t just literally the 40k RPGs, I guess.

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