Expounded Universe 78 – But I’m a Fun Guy

Han arrives on the planet Nim Drovis and…Okay, now we know what’s going on.  Han is wandering around for basically no reason while Threepio tapes bells to his head and meets a bat.  Luke and Leia ponder.  Oh god they won’t stop pondering.

One response to “Expounded Universe 78 – But I’m a Fun Guy

  1. I’d like to believe the “special gun” Han got for Leia was just straight up the Star Wars equivalent of that one episode of The Simpsons where Homers gets Marge a bowling ball: Han forgets their anniversary until the day of, rushes out to the space mall with Chewie, gets distracted at the gun store and buys her a cool gun he wants in the hopes that she’ll throw it in a closet the next day and he can use it himself.

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