Bliss Stage – System Mastery 145

Straight from one bleak future to the next, only this time it’s kids.  Why it’s almost as dystopic as the movie Kids!  Basically the future is dream robots that put all the adults to sleep and it’s up to plucky young rebels to battle it out in dream-logic robosuits.  All that and some squick too!

6 responses to “Bliss Stage – System Mastery 145

  1. I just imagine the Authority Figure as a businessman doing deadly amounts of uppers and downers in the bathroom to keep himself awake and balanced for seven years.

    … It would explain why the immediate thought it to shove kids into the Matrix to pilot feelings Voltrons.

  2. I feel like, for me at least, the reason this game’s focus on teenagers fuckin’ is because it feels extraneous to the premise of the material they’re trying to emulate. Monsterhearts is openly emulating the trappings and feel of the Supernatural Romance genre (which is 75% built on teenagers in various states of getting their bone on) so you know what you’re getting into when you sign up.

    Bliss Stage, by comparison, isn’t really trying to emulate a genre to which teenage boning is so integral so the amount of the setting that hinges on that concept kind of comes out of left field and feels like something the creator included because they really really wanted to rather than because it was a necessary part of what the game is supposed to be about.

  3. So… teenagers having sex with other teenagers (despite y’know, teens thinking about it all the time) is horrible, but say, Charlie Brown having a crush on a red-haired girl is perfectly innocent?

    I’ll never understand Americans

  4. This reminds me of Persona 3, where optimal play requires your high school protagonist to seduce every girl, girl-shaped robot, and homeroom teacher in the cast; because maxing out your social link is the only way to get the best cards.

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