Nightbane – System Mastery 133

OLD WEEN to you all!  We’re covering the very weird Palladium title Nightbane this ween’s eve, so ready yourself for one piece of beautiful Brom art and 200 pages of … well, sloppy editing and fun ideas, basically.

2 responses to “Nightbane – System Mastery 133

  1. It occurs to me that a game like this cannot be judged on the grounds of it being a proper RPG. That’s like trying to assess how good a sport Kiss-Chase is. That’s not the point; its a system of rules to facilitate an activity which the audience wants to take part in. A particular group of pretentious goths from the 80’s and 90’s who want to play pretend they are cool, sexy, vampire monsters. But would be too embarrassed to just play without a bunch of grown-up rules to contain it.

    Though I guess you could argue in a sense I just described every rpg XD

    Love the podcast btw

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