Horrortoberfest ’18 Day 23 – Tales of Halloween (2015)

This anthology of loosely connected stories gives a double helping with 10 different short films all taking place in the same town. I’ll go through and give each an individual score rather than just an overall rating. It should be noted that Adrienne Barbeau is the DJ in all the stories which is a nice little homage to The Fog. There are a ton more references to things and stunt casting throughout so check out the trivia page on IMDB for Tales of Halloween if you’re interested in seeing them.

Sweet Tooth – A babysitter and her boyfriend regale a boy with the tale of Timmy, the kid who never got to eat his Halloween candy and the night he went crazy. Now you have to leave some candy for Sweet Tooth or he’ll come for you! Gore, scares, and a fun story.  3.5 out of 5

The Night Billy Raised Hell – Little Billy gets goaded into egging a house as a Halloween prank but it turns out that the devil lives here and he has a prank of his own in mind. Barry Bostwick as the devil is fun and kind of goofy.  3.5 out of 5

Trick – Two couples are terrorized on Halloween when the kids coming to the door are looking for more than just treats. This isn’t just random violence, however, but retribution for their wicked deeds. The twist at the end saves what would otherwise have been an extremely lackluster story. Still not the best of the bunch, though.  2.5 out of 5

The Weak and the Wicked – A modern day western with a spooky veneer. Three sadistic bullies have terrorized the town for too long and now one of their past victims has a plan to get back. Loved the way this one blends the horror and western tropes together.  4.5 out of 5

Grim Grinning Ghost – At her mom’s Halloween party, Lynn hears the story of Mary Bailey, a girl that was shunned because of her deformity that now laughs at people on Halloween night. If you look back at the laughing ghost, she just might come for your eyes. Not really much going on with this one to impress.  2.5 out of 5

Ding Dong – Jack and Bobbie can’t seem to have a kid, which makes Halloween all the more difficult as children keep coming to their door. Also, Bobbie is a demon…or a witch, maybe? It’s not really clear. There’s a lot of jumbled ideas here.  2.5 out of 5

This Means War – Neighbors get into a fight with competing Halloween decorations with one being more traditional and the other more modern. It’s like Deck the Halls as a short film and about Halloween.  3 out of 5.

Friday the 31st – What starts out as a Jason-esque killer getting his last victim turns into some absolute screwball madness including a UFO, adorable Claymation, Evil Dead style possession, and massive amounts of blood. I kind of loved how absolutely bonkers this was.  4.5 out of 5

The Ransom of Rusty Rex – Two bank robbers decide to get into the kidnapping business and target the son of a local millionaire. Turns out that the child is more than it seems and a bit more than they can handle. Not bad but nothing spectacular either.  3 out of 5

Bad Seed – A pumpkin goes evil and starts killing people. A hard-boiled detective has to stop the gruesome gourd and find out what exactly happened to make it a killer. A fun blend of cop drama tropes and ridiculous premise.  4 out of 5

Overall, I’d say that it’s worth a watch. Most of the shorts are pretty good and because there are ten to get through, it’s not like the ones that aren’t that good are around all that long.

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