In Theaters Now – Hereditary

We went a little overboard talking about the latest critical darling of the horror world. Did we talk for almost an hour and forty minutes because we loved it or hated it? Only one way to find out.

2 responses to “In Theaters Now – Hereditary

  1. I can tell you from my HS stoner days, a girl getting high/drunk and deciding to bake whatever she can find at the party was definitely a Thing That Happened most of the time. The unrealistic part is that it wasn’t full of weed, gummy worms, and forgotten about until it caught on fire.

  2. ‘There’s nothing when Charlie is alive to suggest she was Paimon’ — Well, we do see her cut a conveniently-recently-dead bird’s head off while she’s already making an effigy that has no head, while a weirdly happy person is watching her from a distance.

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