Expounded Universe 35 – He’s a Goat, Yall

While Mos Eisley has been described as a den of “scum and villainy”, so far the book hasn’t been too full of real scumbags. All of that is going to change this week the introduction of Feltipern Trevagg, the biggest asshole on Tattooine. It’s a whole chapter of letting us know just how much of a pile of crap this guy is before giving him his comeuppance.

4 responses to “Expounded Universe 35 – He’s a Goat, Yall

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  2. This piece of shit isn’t a tax collector, he’s a tax farmer – that’s an old arrangement typical of the outlying areas of the Roman Empire where the government makes a contract with a dude that says “hey, you’ll pay us for the right to collect taxes here. do whatever you want really, we just want your cash, you can recoup your investment by being a real dick to the peasants if you like”

  3. There’s an audio drama of this chapter, for whatever reason. It’s apparently expanded and, if the cover is any indication, seems to involve Obi-Wan more? Not sure. Might be something worth checking into.

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