Expounded Universe 32 – Batman and Robbing

The meta-plots really start to thicken as we examine the tale of Muftak and Kabe, otherwise known as the Hairy Four-Eye and his good friend, the adorable little bat thing.  Characters are beginning to emerge from the woodwork, such as the craggy and evil Captain Alima, the wise old Ithorian Momaw Nadon, and the mysterious hookah smoker.  Oh, but we don’t care.  We’re busy making our favorite stormtrooper pregnant and referencing The Critic.

Got Star Wars questions?   We’ve got answers.  Send them to the usual place, systemmastery@gmail.com.

2 responses to “Expounded Universe 32 – Batman and Robbing

  1. I think this is my favorite story so far (not my favorite episode, nothing tops Greedo). And I think it’s because Kabe is basically a DnD character.

  2. So, just to make that “The Sequential Passage of Chronological Intervals” song even dumber: It’s another Casablanca reference. It’s just “As Time Goes By” translated into over-complicated Star Wars nonsense…

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