The Xro Dinn Chronicles – System Mastery 119

The Xro Dinn Chronicles is, for lack of a better description, the unholy combination of Ninjas & Superspies, Babylon 5, and the sort of mindset that led to the Winchester mansion.  Loopy rules that terminate nowhere, downright crazy stories, and so much more await you.

4 responses to “The Xro Dinn Chronicles – System Mastery 119

  1. That useless eight-page lore table at the beginning of the book reminds me of discussions about lore in the Forgotten Realms or even nerdier edition wars in the Dark Souls community. In all cases you’ve got backstory that can be interesting to read and decipher like you’re an amateur archaeologist, but which wouldn’t usually come up in play. And that’s the problem with “deep” “lore” like this – if it’s not going to inform the experience of the game, why are you including it in the context of a game?

    • If some people might get into it, but it doesn’t interfere with gameplay at all, then why not? Most players don’t read the book from cover to cover like they’re a reviewer, and for the ones who are that interested, it’s nice to give them something extra.

  2. You guys REALLY need to stop saying “like” and “literally.” You sound like a couple of dim-witted, melodramatic teenagers in the bodies of grown men. That second word was ESPECIALLY unnecessary for Jeff to have used when saying that the things that’d happened in his childhood were “literally” real. Trust me, Jeff: We’d have gotten the point of what you were trying to say, had you just let the rest of your words stand on their own merit and not tried to emphasize the gravity of your recount with what has easily become the most overused, misused, and trivialized word of the past decade or two. Either find a new, smarter, more effective intensifier to employ in your daily speech from now on, or stop using such words, period.

    Also, no…I’m not a “grammar Nazi.” Many have been the syntactic mistakes in verbal and written communication as spoken and written by countless people over the years that I’ve learned to brush off. Rather, I’m just a guy who’s utterly had it with many a Gen-Xer, millennial, Gen-Zer, and even baby boomer carrying on what has become the laziest, hollowest, shallowest, most mindless, and most blatant and thus inconsiderate fad this side of Valleyspeak and the deliberate use of “like” as a verbalized pause, which I’ve already noted you two of succumbing to. Honestly, when are we all as human beings finally going to commit ourselves to taking ANY strides in improving ourselves, establishing our own unique voices and identities, and rising above those neighbors of ours who’ve never had nor will ever have any drive or ambition to—in one way or another—make the world a better place within which to live? Are we all just going to continue wallowing within the senseless mediocrity and brazen stupidity that’s already been running rampant in American (and, truth be told, world) society throughout this century as it’s happened so far? Because I’d rather help the world move forward and out of the metaphorical muck through which we’ve all been slogging, and I wish the rest of us would feel the same way.

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