Movie Mastery – Theodore Rex (1995)

After the release of Jurassic Park, dinosaur mania was sweeping the nation. The people wanted dinosaurs and they didn’t care how they got them. Then along came this putrid attempt at a buddy cop film that wasn’t sure if it wanted to be a wacky fart-laugher for kids or a dystopic Judge Dredd-esque cop story. Truly a wake up call for us that maybe we had a problem.

5 responses to “Movie Mastery – Theodore Rex (1995)

  1. Walk the dinosaur? I graduated in 1993 and this came out in 1995. I just don’t know how I feel about this.

  2. Whoopi Goldberg probably looks so upset because she was forced to be in the movie. She had apparently verbally agreed to be in the movie for $5 million, and then tried to back out, and was sued by the production company. Unfortunately for her, the producer had a tape of her agreeing to it. She tried to get the tape thrown out, but the judge allowed it in, so they settled out of court, with her being in the movie in exchange for $7 million.

    So the reason Whoopi seems so pissed off about being in the movie is because she was.

    • See, now that’s just embarrassing. I know one thing about Theodore Rex, and that’s the Whoopi Goldberg lawsuit. So I’m listening to the podcast, and I think, “Finally, I can contribute to the general store of knowledge. Finally, I get to be useful. Finally, I can be more than just a leech!” So, with trembling fingers, I type out the story about the lawsuit, and hesitatingly hit post.

      Finally! After long last, I’ve done something useful! I have contributed to the great store of knowledge that is System Mastery! Then, I listen to the end, and it turns out Jef already knew. Time to go back to lurking.

      • I had the same thing happen when I chastised them for not making a “wiwrwulf” joke during W:tA, and then listened to their bonus content.

  3. Great review guys! I could feel the anger rising as you talked about this, uh, film. One thing I kept thinking was “If I ran the setting and plot of this movie seriously and with more thought, it could be a great adventure or even campaign.” Bad movies do that sometimed.

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