A Flying Circus of Values – Afterthought Something or Other

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Hey look we still make these from time to time.  Today we’re interviewing Erika Chappell, author of the currently Kickstarting RPG Flying Circus, which somehow includes Blimpleggers as a setting and also can be found and supported right here.  We do the usual shenanigans and answer the usual shenanigan questions, you know how these work.  Go support the Kickstarter though, it’s almost at the last stretch goal as of this morning.

2 responses to “A Flying Circus of Values – Afterthought Something or Other

  1. Just finished this episode and I had a thought while listening to it. Since nobody brought it up during the podcast, I figured I’d share my idea.

    Personally, I believe it’d be fun to use Flying Circus to play as Dick Dastardly and his friends flying around in wacky, needlessly complex flying contraptions specifically designed to catch that pesky pigeon once and for all. This is probably a very obscure Hannah Barbara pull, but you’ll probably agree if you know what I’m talking about.

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