White Weentacular – Afterthought Special

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Told you Afterthought would never die!  We were so dejected when another project went off the rails, we decided to cool down with an Afterthought.  Happy white ween!  Please note that this episode features special guests Brad and Quinn (Find Quinn’s work here: https://swallowsofthesouth.com/).

Will we do another one?  Good question!

2 responses to “White Weentacular – Afterthought Special

  1. Much like d20 Modern, GURPS isn’t actually a game. It’s just a system that you can use for creating a game.

    You can actually make a pretty decent game out of just the core book, but it requires the GM to spend a ton of time designing race/class/power templates if you want any sort of consistency. That’s on top of all the time it normally takes to build a setting, make NPCs, figure out some sort of plot hook, etc.

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