Movie Mastery – Night Train to Terror (1985)

God and the Devil must divvy up the souls of the dead in this horror anthology where everything is just super truncated clips from movies that they could get as cheap as possible to repackage. But hey, Richard Moll is in here twice though so…there’s that.

2 responses to “Movie Mastery – Night Train to Terror (1985)

  1. I think you’re getting Catholic cosmology a bit mixed up with American Protestant cosmology. For Catholicism Hell is just a place outside of God’s presence where evil souls and demons were cast out to. So all the torture and evil soul storage stuff is just because the Devil wants to be a douche. There isn’t really a need for it, and without the Devil Hell would still be bad because it’s just evil people in it, but it’s not like that screws up anything for anyone else.

    The like weird thing with Hell torture being something God needs is a later pop culture invention, sorta like the Rapture.

  2. Horrortoberfest is a great time of year and gets me in the spooky Halloween mood. I’m looking forward to this year’s horror reviews!

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