Living Steel – System Mastery 104

Brought to you by rocket scientists hellbent on pure unadulterated realism, Living Steel is basically Heinlein by way of Games Workshop, with probably a few too many tables (which is a nice way of saying for sure definitely too many tables by a lot).  Gird your mega loins to battle Vissers and Spectrals along with System Mastery with our review of Living Steel.

3 responses to “Living Steel – System Mastery 104

  1. It has been done. Pacesetting did do an Elvira hosted series of short adventures for the Chill system. Sorry no jiggle rules though.

  2. It’s unusual that there’s an action economy stat and you didn’t harp on about how terrible that is. I guess the rest of the system must have been pretty bad if that part wasn’t really worth mentioning.

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