King Arthur: Pendragon – System Mastery 102

Yay, a game we didn’t hate!  This is a very specific sort of RPG, in which you play as a knightly dynasty during the Morte D’Arthur romantic tales.  Will you be a good Cymric Christian soldier (yes, probably) who spends their time collecting taxes, having kids, and very, very occasionally fighting a bear (again, yes).  A sort of vague magic system and NEW RULES FOR CELTIC KNIGHTS also included.

8 responses to “King Arthur: Pendragon – System Mastery 102

  1. Thank you for not pretending to care about loot crate. I suffer from a terrible curse: whenever an otherwise respectable and talented podcaster gets all fake enthusiastic about shilling random overstocked bargain bin pop culture debris I age a year. It is extremely painful. I am dying.

  2. I’ve been to the Loiita Cheese Factory just outside of Ferdale Ca…. where Guy was raised… I promise you that’s where he fell in love with cheese.

    Also I love your show… so much fun…

    Rev. Null

  3. (I’m a huge fan of table top RPGs and Aurthrian Myth, but my coment is about cheese, that’s seems wrong)

  4. Fun fact: Pendragon was tweaked a little to become Prince Valiant: The Story-Telling Game, which is really neat.

    Also, re: your dislike of The Three Musketeers… have you guys seen the 2011 Paul W.S. Anderson movie?

  5. I think the game you were talking about was the one based on the cartoon, where they were a high school football team that was sent back in time, and Arthur was the captain. It would explain the midriff armor.

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