King Arthur: Pendragon – System Mastery 102

Yay, a game we didn’t hate!  This is a very specific sort of RPG, in which you play as a knightly dynasty during the Morte D’Arthur romantic tales.  Will you be a good Cymric Christian soldier (yes, probably) who spends their time collecting taxes, having kids, and very, very occasionally fighting a bear (again, yes).  A sort of vague magic system and NEW RULES FOR CELTIC KNIGHTS also included.

11 responses to “King Arthur: Pendragon – System Mastery 102

  1. Thank you for not pretending to care about loot crate. I suffer from a terrible curse: whenever an otherwise respectable and talented podcaster gets all fake enthusiastic about shilling random overstocked bargain bin pop culture debris I age a year. It is extremely painful. I am dying.

  2. I’ve been to the Loiita Cheese Factory just outside of Ferdale Ca…. where Guy was raised… I promise you that’s where he fell in love with cheese.

    Also I love your show… so much fun…

    Rev. Null

  3. (I’m a huge fan of table top RPGs and Aurthrian Myth, but my coment is about cheese, that’s seems wrong)

  4. Fun fact: Pendragon was tweaked a little to become Prince Valiant: The Story-Telling Game, which is really neat.

    Also, re: your dislike of The Three Musketeers… have you guys seen the 2011 Paul W.S. Anderson movie?

  5. I think the game you were talking about was the one based on the cartoon, where they were a high school football team that was sent back in time, and Arthur was the captain. It would explain the midriff armor.

  6. The first edition came out in 1985. And from the first, it had that strong focus on only including what’s necessary to play the intended way, and nothing else. It was also very well known, and won a bunch of awards,
    Which means that after 1985, no RPG designer has a good excuse for lazy, unfocussed designs, They can’t say they didn’t know any better, because everybody had the example of Pendragon right in front of their eyes.

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