Expounded Universe 6 – The Life and Death of Manny Bothans

In which Dash Rendar slowly turns into that kid that gets birthday presents at your birthday party, Vader and the Emperor make the briefest possible appearances, and Leia ponders the existence of lady criminals.

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7 responses to “Expounded Universe 6 – The Life and Death of Manny Bothans

  1. One thing I don’t get about this book based on your read of it is the sense of time and scale.

    Like, after the end of Empire Strikes Back these people have had enough time to make multiple trips to Tatoiine and back, yet apparently Boba Fett is still in some backwater part of the Galaxy carrying Han Solo’s frozen body around. Is Boba Fett taking a scenic route on the way to Jabba’s Palace?

    Or has Boba Fett already dropped off Han at Jabba’s and these people are literally idiots who don’t realize that “Hey, maybe instead of chasing this bounty hunter who has probably already dropped Han’s frozen ass we try to figure out where he might’ve ended up? Like, maybe start by looking into that crime lord that Han Solo mentioned multiple times that he’s indebted to?”

  2. To be fair to Steve Perry, shooting down enemy missiles was actually something you could do in TIE Fighter. Generally the idea was to prevent said missile from hitting you, of course.

    None of which detracts the fact that regardless, Dash Rendar is still showboating in that scene.

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