Legendary Lives – System Mastery 98

The countdown to episode 100 begins!  This week, Legendary Lives.  Just another heartbreaker you’ve never heard of?  Maybe.  Does it commit several of the weird sins of old game design?  Oh absolutely?  Can you play as rad snake dudes?  YES!

6 responses to “Legendary Lives – System Mastery 98

  1. I’m not sure why you’re taking this one more seriously than usual, but great episode nonetheless.

    One point of note is that strictly codified class roles don’t really exist outside of 4E and MMOs and possibly MOBAs. Most classes in most class-based games sit somewhere on a spectrum between tank and damage and utility.

    • I’m sure after almost 100 games reviewed, they understand that. But let’s be honest, most modern gamers use that holy trinity system when talking about their characters.
      In example: Clerics are always considered to be healers in D&D, even though a good 80% of their spell and ability list is dedicated to anything other than healing.

      • I’m just looking for fair criticism of the game, and sometimes it’s hard to tell whether they think something is actually a problem or whether they’re just being mean because that’s their gimmick.

      • I think (and honestly I barely remember anything I do) that we briefly mentioned that this book lacked a cleric equivalent but had a very strong emphasis on religion, which we didn’t find troublesome, but interesting.

  2. Fun anecdote, in a lot of the games that I ran, the female players always wanted to play a prostitute. I have no idea why this is something someone would want to be that in a fantasy sword swinging adventure, but that’s what they wanted. Something tells me the female author was one of these types of players.

  3. Thanks for this one guys! These guys have another one called “lost souls” that you might find interesting as well.

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