Movie Mastery – Scourge of Worlds (2003)

Join us on a magical adventure where YOU decide what happens! Well…not, you. I mean, WE decided what would happen. We had the controller and all. Anyway, it’s a choose your own adventure style cgi animated D&D movie that looks atrocious and is just as well acted.

5 responses to “Movie Mastery – Scourge of Worlds (2003)

  1. Man, I didn’t know this was a D&D movie, that cover reminded me so much of early Baldurs Gate CG cutscenes when I first saw it. I am wondering if that was a chosen style of WOTC?

  2. That whole thing about Regdar being sabotaged out of spite by the writers/artists leaves a sour taste in my mouth. If some suit above you tells you you have to put one normal character in your parade of weirdoes, it’s unprofessional and self-destructive to shit on the character as a protest. Do your damned job and make it the coolest Male Human Fighter (Lv. 1) you can.

    • Two things:
      1. A bunch of non-white, non-male characters is not a parade of weirdos. I assume you didn’t mean that, but you know, optics.
      2. Check out the iconic cleric and sorceror, who are both white male humans. Jozan and Hennet. It wasn’t enough, the suits were specifically worried that the iconic fighter in particular had to be a burly white human dude.

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