Full Circle – Afterthought 55

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In this episode we’re going to discuss mature content in games, but probably more importantly we’re going to discuss our new membership in the One Shot Podcast Network.  I’ll break that down here as well since folks might be interested in the details.

So, if you’re worried that this will change anything having to do with our episodes or your access to them, worry not.  Thanks to the overwhelming and eternally surprising support from all of you, we’re big enough that we aren’t participating with One Shot’s Patreon sharing, and will just move forward with our own bonus content thing (the pig approacheth)!  If you already support us, great, don’t change a thing and we won’t either.  This partnership has a lot more to do with convention appearances and project collaboration than moving money around, so if you’re looking forward to us having interesting guests and doing fun projects, you’re in luck!

2 responses to “Full Circle – Afterthought 55

  1. Can the next patreon goal be a weekly 20-30 minute show where Jef just gets mad about Trump’s America? I’d totally listen to that show.

  2. 1. The lightgun game you’re thinking of is Chiller, apparently.

    2. When I read reviews in stuff like PC Gamer, I tend to take 10% away from the overall score if it doesn’t quite tally with what the reviewer said. You know the sort of thing: “The gameplay is kind of annoying in places and the story doesn’t make sense, but it’s a great game and you’ll definitely enjoy it! 87%!!!”

    3. The creation of Cable was amazing – Louise Simonson wanted to call him Commander X, but Rob really, REALLY wanted him to be Cable, so Louise just went “Sure, whatever.” because she didn’t want to deal with him any more than was necessary for her job. Also, Drifter is psychic, and has the ol’ accelerated healing factor.

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