Purgatory – System Mastery 94

Warning: This episode is for mature gamers only.  So if you think the word “Boogers” is still pretty funny, maybe you should wait til we review the RPG adaptation of the Sega Genesis classic, Boogerman.  Til then, this is a cute little game that incorporates a lot of Heaven/Hell mythology with … oh let’s just say all of the LARP suggestions you’d find in a Mind’s Eye Theater Book.

9 responses to “Purgatory – System Mastery 94

  1. Oh man I actually have a copy of that on my bookshelf, excited for this one. I remember the usual overly-ambitious announcement of multiple sourcebooks to come.

    • ‘Cause the bad guys are all human, and humans don’t have a fatigue damage track, so they can’t take fatigue damage.

  2. I find it hilarious that a game where you succeed by drawing particular cards /encourages/ everyone to learn card tricks, which mostly revolve around manipulating the deck so you can draw whatever you want whenever.

  3. Why do you guys have such a hateboner for the party planning a heist in detail for hours? That’s the best possible situation for a GM. It means the players are engrossed and immersed in a problem in your game world and entertain themselves without you having to lift a finger. I always do a mental fist-pump when that happens at my table.

    • That’s something great even as a player in the right kind of game. Going in guns blazing is ok for stuff like Exalted, Vampires, Dnd and stuff like that, but for games like Cyberpunk2020 or Shadowrun the planning and the constant risk of death are crucial parts of the feel of the setting imho.

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