Episode 73 – Fenton Rising

Today’s episode:  Season 2 – Episode 7: SuperDuckTales – Frozen Assets

The scourge that is Fenton Crackshell won’t belay his bashing on our beleaguered brains.  Blast it, he’s got me doing the alliteration thing too!

4 responses to “Episode 73 – Fenton Rising

  1. Great episode guys, I can’t wait for your take on the resolution of this arc. I can confirm your suspicions that Gizmoduck was intended to be called Roboduck.

  2. I’m still waiting for you two to elaborate on how the Mighty Ducks series impacts or expands on the Ducktales universe.

  3. Duck Tales is evidently a lot worse than I thought it was as a kid. I really hope the reboot does better than this.

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