Movie Mastery – Power Rangers (2017)

Come fellows, it is the time of morphing!  That’s what they always said, right?  I’m not a 90s kid or whatever you needed to be to care about this.

6 responses to “Movie Mastery – Power Rangers (2017)

  1. I loved the show as a kid, so I assume I’ll hate it more than you guys did. That said, thank you for giving your perspective.

    Also, Iron Fist being white is from the comics… granted, so was him being a teensy bit superior to everyone else in K’un Lun, but not that much. Besides, I’m pretty sure the main problem with the Iron Fist show is that it doesn’t have much crazy kung fu shit.

    • There’s somewhere between three and five main problems with the series. Danny is an unlikeable dope. There’s a scene where he refers to a room full of black and brown people as chattering monkeys (I know they were going for kung-fu dialogue but damn writers, think about optics). There’s too many villains. The arc of the season doesn’t make any sense. By making Danny a mopey sadboy they wasted their last chance for the Defenders to have a wisecracker or comic relief character (honestly if they had just introduced him in Defenders he’d probably be way better off). The fight choreography makes it look like Daredevil beat all the good Hand and they were left sending in the JV team after Danny, but it turned out to be fine because he fights like a yellow-belt. The general arc of Danny wanting his billion dollar company because it was his dad’s practically makes the thesis of the season “White privilege is pretty great.” Trips to China apparently take an hour or two (seriously, they flew a tied-up Gao from China to the US? How the heck did that work? Did they just declare her at customs?).

  2. Even tho for the most part the movie shows the story line of the main characters becoming the power rangers with one great fight with goldar. it was great! showing a possible sequel.

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