The Secret is Inside – Afterthought 53

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So here’s an interesting first.  The author of The Secret of Zir’an, Chris Hockabout, is a listener!  So when we covered his book, he reached out to us.  Thank goodness we kinda liked it!  On today’s episode we invite Chris on the show to tell us about the past and future of his game, and also keep him around to answer your questions.

Editors note:  Remote interviews can occasionally lead to sound artifacting or minor volume issues.  Please be patient, I think it came out okay.

8 responses to “The Secret is Inside – Afterthought 53

  1. Omg I am so sorry that you had to put up with my dumb lack of self editing and on an episode with a guest too! And I should clarify that I do like Jon, it was an issue of me not being able to think of anything to say. And lastly to the kid in Alabama, what the guys said is true, it will get better and if you read this we can chat and try to find a game for you.

    • Hello, I am the kid from Alabama and I’d love to talk with you sometime about finding game! I’m very flattered that you even remembered me

      • What of course I would remember you, I am so sorry that your experiences where what they were, as well as being out in an state that is deep red (Georgia) so I know how it feels. But as for starting a game we should talk about it off of here, your choice.

  2. Final Fantasy VI has great characters and story, but most versions of the game are crippled by the Evade bug which affects every combat and renders a good chunk of items worthless. As bad as the graphics and translation are in the mobile version, the only functional alternative is to track down a GBA cartridge.

    • Also be sure not to use sketch from the left side of the screen in pincer formation. That said, I have a GBA copy and a GBA, so I’m good when I need to be. (The folding one with the NES look to it)

      • Nice! I’m holding out for the next re-release, since I have too many other games to play in the meantime.

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