The Secret of Zir’An – System Mastery 90

The Secret of Zir’an is probably that deep under the challenging layout and heaped on layers of confusing story, accessible only to people who are really willing to roll up their sleeves and dig for it, is more confusing story.  Please enjoy.

7 responses to “The Secret of Zir’An – System Mastery 90

  1. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 (or w/e) is definitely set in Ivalice, because you get Vaan and Penelo as characters who join your roster. Naturally they’re a) mandatory and b) overpowered, which annoyed the hell out of me because I hated FF12 as well.

  2. Solid episode. A++++. Would buy again.

    A tyro is a novice, so if the lowest character tier is tyroic, then that might be a word or it might just be a pun.

  3. Well, Lovecraft was a pulp author… he wasn’t very successful, because most of his stuff was way too out there for contemporary audiences, but he was definitely published in the pulps a couple of times. I think he was friends with the guy who wrote The Shadow.

    • Lovecraft corresponded with a ton of people and was super intense about his weird issues. I read that the letters he wrote to Robert E Howard (of Conan fame) actually made Howard LESS racist because he was so out there.

  4. God damnit, I actually have this game. And yeah, the layout is bad as they make it sound.

    The system’s got some interesting ideas, but I’ve never gotten to play it so I have no idea how it works in practice. I kind of want to try it out now though, just to see if there’s any merit to it.

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