Continuation – Afterthought 52

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We talk about things that aren’t FATAL so hard, it’s crazy!  Can you blame us?  We just don’t want to talk about it anymore.  Plus, your questions, answered at last.

3 responses to “Continuation – Afterthought 52

  1. Would you make a patreon goal for that 600+ page Naruto rpg book that you guys alluded to in the first few episodes of System MAstery?

    Would be neat.

  2. I didn’t remember the Final Fantasy RPG being that bad, but in going back to confirm, I came across the twelve-page table for calculating the results of using the Mix command. So yeah, maybe skip that one.

  3. Apparently if you input “loathing pity loop” in German in Google you get “Abscheulichkeit”, which actually means “abomination” or “atrocity”. Its still fitting to describe that emotion.

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