In Theaters Now – Fifty Shades Darker


Quick warning on this one: If you don’t want to hear about emotionally abusive relationships or really terrible sex, give this one a pass.

2 responses to “In Theaters Now – Fifty Shades Darker

  1. Anastasia Steele sounds like a domme’s name, not a sub. It’s way too exotic and hard for someone like that. She should have been named something soft and pliable.

    Also, as anyone who has seen Always Sunny In Philadelphia, having a private yacht has “the implication”

  2. EL James has acknowledged all the many, many survivors of abusive relationships who hate her shitty books… by telling them that they shouldn’t complain about her romanticising abuse, because doing so demeans real abuse.

    Basically, what I’m trying to say is that EL James is a shitty human being and will go to Hell (if such a place actually exists).

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