Rambling Men – Afterthought 51

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This is legitimately not a great episode if you like people that can stay on topic.  Otherwise I think it’s one of our favorites.

6 responses to “Rambling Men – Afterthought 51

  1. One DVD commentary I enjoyed was for the 1966 Batman movie, as it was mostly just Adam West and Burt Ward giggling at how silly everything was. Also, the Doctor Who reboot was Welsh, because filming in Cardiff is cheaper or something.

    • My fav DVD commentary is the one for This is Spinal Tap, where the actors comment in-character as the band Spinal Tap for the whole movie. Must be seen.

      Also if you liked the Cannibal! commentary, you’ll love the commentary for Orgazmo.

  2. I don’t get the premise of the opening bit. So we’re supposed to remember Jon’s position on skill lists, but forget Jef’s position on seduction rules? Does this ad take place between season one and season two?

    • Hah, that’s fair enough, they can’t all be winners and we make a lot of those. The general idea was just “Here’s the worst sounding RPG in the world presented smugly by its creators.” I guess maybe we’re playing fictional versions of ourselves that would think a universal gaming engine with 45 alignments was a good idea.

    • Aside from that part, it was a pretty solid gag. I could buy into the whole “make up your own stats” thing as something one of those new-age independent RPGs would do.

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