Nephilim – System Mastery 87


The early 90s seem positively ripe with games that are more character creation tool than game, and Nephilim is no exception.  Join the ranks of weird energy spirits that have a collection of past lives, possession capability and spells, and honestly, really seem like the bad guys.

6 responses to “Nephilim – System Mastery 87

  1. Ah, Nephilim. I remember getting this when it came out, reading it, and realizing it did not have enough material about the world, or how stories in the world would go, to make it playable. Needed more fluff! And then came the looooong wait until any other books came out. That essentially killed it. I was interested in it, got the main book, gave up waiting, and moved on. A lot of people did.

  2. Everyone plays as one kind of thing. There’s five types of guys. Some curse thingy that prevents you from being part of society. No real obvious goal or thing you’re supposed to be doing.

    If this isn’t White Wolf, then it’s clear that they were drawing from the same playbook. Maybe it was just a ’90s thing.

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