Mad MaXCrawl – Afterthought 49

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People kept asking us what we thought the best way to adapt the XCrawl concept was.  I think our title this week makes our opinion readily apparent.

3 responses to “Mad MaXCrawl – Afterthought 49

  1. The erotic roleplaying question has made me want to see you guys review Theatrix Ironwood one of these days…

  2. For Neil, Designers and Dragons is a 4 volume set of books that cover RPG history during the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s on. The books are organized by when a company started, so TSR would be in the 70s volume and include their entire history through the 90s. I think Savage Worlds would be in the 90s book since that is when Pinnacle started.

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