The Boys Wonder – Afterthought 42

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Wow, we do go on.  I think this might be the biggest episode we’ve ever recorded.  Then again, it’s because we have a ton to say about Batman and Everyone is Batman and Bat Men and so on, plus our official Best Mailbag in the Industry segment.  Enjoy!

6 responses to “The Boys Wonder – Afterthought 42

  1. Hey Jon you need Horrortoberfest suggestions? I’ve got two good and one terrible

    – A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
    – The Babadook
    – Evil Bong

  2. Final Fantasy X-2 is great because it has their iconic job system, but it’s the only game that lets you change jobs in the middle of a fight. More games should use that system.

      • I guess I worded that poorly.

        X-2 is the only game with their iconic job system that lets you change jobs in the middle of a fight. XIII let you change roles during a fight, but it doesn’t have any of the iconic jobs.

  3. “Tyler Perry’s Boo: A Madea Halloween” is a thing this year, which probably makes putting out a poll a pointless exercise…

  4. Here’s a better way to fix Code of Conduct: warn the player in advance if their chosen course of action is going to make them fall, and allow them to back out of it and do something else. That way it still operates as a mechanic and not flavor text, but there’s no chance of an ill-advised “Gotcha!” moment.

    A CoC is basically a way to make a character weaker by restricting their options, and paladin’s code in particular takes away quite a few of his best, most useful tactics with all that “honorable combat only” nonsense. A lot of the best ways to deal with problems are evil, and if you say players aren’t going to murder their enemies in their sleep, you haven’t seen my players.

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