Animes – Afterthought 40

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Jef was deeply tired and woozy throughout this recording, and Jon was gracious enough to tolerate his bizarre rambling.  It’s not as much about anime as you’re probably hoping, but hey we probably answered your question you had, so there’s that!

10 responses to “Animes – Afterthought 40

  1. A veritech only has about half as much SDC as a glitterboy, and its main beam cannon only does about a third as much damage, but it’s way faster and it looks like it has better bonuses to initiative and dodging.

    Also, it has missiles that deal 2d6x10 mega damage, and it can fire up to sixty of them as one melee attack.

  2. Talking about the idea of a game where you fight giant things and tear parts off with discrete powers and staple them to yourself, that game exists and it’s called Last Stand and it’s free now. The enemies are mostly giant bugs and Godzillas but there’s also robots and UFOs and you can reskin things easily if you want.

    Click to access Last%20Stand.pdf

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