Macho Women with Guns – System Mastery 76

Macho Women with Guns S

Aw yeah, we got your boobsplosions, your vagcapitations, and your brutal wombsaws all up in this one.  It’s Macho Women with Guns, a parody game that uses generous margins and a lot of art to lightly spread a surprisingly complicated game over about 60 exploitative pages.

5 responses to “Macho Women with Guns – System Mastery 76

  1. The bit about combat phases sounds familiar, though I’m not certain where. It might have shown up on an old wargame (perhaps 40K?) or some old but less traditional RPG like Harnmaster or Runequest.

    • The part where all the magic goes first, and then all the ranged attacks, and then all the melee? I think there’s more than one wargame which does initiative that way, and it also shows up in Fantasy Wargaming (THLOA).

  2. Great show! I’d play MWWG as long as I had some good miniatures.
    I love me some BTRC! Some really crunchy rules, though. I have always been obsessed with their CORPS system which is a little less crunchy. Here’s a link if anyone is interested.

    Click to access nutshell_v15en.pdf

    • I like how they start by saying that they don’t have a lot of space and can’t include everything, but immediately jump into men and women having different stats.

      They already know that people only know them from MWWG; you’d think they would avoid that kind of controversy for their generic system.

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