Everway – System Mastery 72

Everway S

What’s in this box?  Who drew a big circle on the cover?  What’s up with the grey swirly mist situation in the background?  In Everway, players make characters by telling each other stories about little picture cards with questions on the back.  A faux tarot deck is also involved.  It’s a bizarre, beautiful, isolated gem  that was too weird to evolve any further in the gaming world, and we got a copy.

6 responses to “Everway – System Mastery 72

  1. WoW for Babies does sound like an awesome idea – count me in once the Kickstart goes online . . .

  2. I have the novelization of “The Dark Crystal.” Here’s the word from author A.C.H. Smith: “A bright spark flashed and a chip of granite flew off from the impact and skittered across the floor. It was not a decisive blow, the watching Skeksis knew… The Chamberlain took the applause to be a goad from his enemies. They always had underrated him. Very well then, as Emperor he would make them regret it.” Then, of course, he loses.

  3. Oh god. This had to be one of the funniest episodes in a while. Once you described the WoTC execs ditching this game I lost it, and continued to crack up the whole time.

  4. I would like to see you two review “Tunnel and Trolls” and “Runequest” as the two original “we can make D&D but better” systems

  5. Your theory about how this game came about (that Tweet was given the job since he’d worked on 3e) falls down since it came out 5 years before 3e. Tweet was hired by WotC because he’d freelanced for them, and he was the co-designer of Ars Magica, which WotC bought in the mid-90s.
    Everway did come out 2 years after MtG though, so that part might be correct.

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