In Theatres Now – Warcraft (2016)

warcraft poster

More work?  Yes, my lords.  We watched the Warcraft movie because it’s clearly winning the June In Theaters Now poll.  It was a lazy day around here, and something need doing, anyway.  So join us, won’t you, for a dour joyless slog through grim Game of Thronesy Azeroth, in a movie inexplicably based on a game that is basically a massive mapped out collection of jokes.

4 responses to “In Theatres Now – Warcraft (2016)

  1. I am so sorry but I have to comment. Warcraft lore used to entirely be my jam, to the point I was talking with a guy who has a homage in the game due to the lore posts he used to make

    So the problem with this being WC1 and all of that iconic WoW stuff, like different classes and races, is that that all came in later. Paladins don’t exist yet, and the guy Alleria hooks up with is Turalyon, Lothar’s second in command who was one of the first 5 paladins and… Not in this movie.

    You do have a point about no priests though, because the paladin order was specifically formed due to all the priests being murdered and the Alliance going “So what if we chucked a priest in armor so they could take a punch?”

    I still enjoyed it but, y’know, bias.

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