System Mastery Actual Play – Dr Magnethands 1

dice for minisode photo

System Mastery Actual Play – Doctor Magnethands 1

Alright already, you bought us all this equipment, we’ll try “making friends” and “recording creative content instead of just mocking things.”  Today we stick a tentative single toe into the waters of actual play, in which people apparently play these games on purpose near microphones.  We’re playing Dr. Magnethands, a micro game that eschews dice and character sheets in favor of index cards and improv, and which you can learn all about right here.  Returning special guests Claire and Brian stop by to round out a gaming group, and the Podcat can also be heard, repeatedly jumping on our delicate mic rig.  We hope you enjoy these special AP episode, because we’ve already made another one and would love to keep making more.

5 responses to “System Mastery Actual Play – Dr Magnethands 1

    • That’s good info, we’ll keep it in mind as we review what we want to do about Actual Play stuff. We’ll probably do some listener polls and stuff pretty soon here. For now, there’s another episode of Dr. Magnethands coming next week!

  1. I haven’t listened to this yet but I have wanted to listen to you guys play old palladium games ever since I started listening to the show. I assume I will love this episode if not expect to hear back from me.

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