Synnibarr 3rd Edition – System Mastery 63

Synnibarr S

We stop by the realms of Raven “Combat Spanking” McCracken once more to see if there’s still the fires of mad genius behind his eyes.  Will we find more incredible insanity?  Or did he, like Icarus, sail too close to the sun?  Join us on a journey of discovery, won’t you?

9 responses to “Synnibarr 3rd Edition – System Mastery 63

  1. What happened to your voices? It’s so weird. I can’t point exactly what, but something is off.
    Hope it gets better.

  2. As I mentioned when I loaned you the last edition, the new edition was a Kickstarter project. Apparently the publish date was 2015, but his delivery goal was late 2013, so if it seems rushed then that’s why.

    Also, apparently he was able to get everything done on a budget of $7710. It sounds like he could have used $200 to hire an editor.

    • I don’t know how accurate it is to the final product, but there’s a preview available on the Kickstarter page. Here’s an excerpt from the Bio-Syntha-Cyborg’s Midnight Sunstone Bazooka racial ability:

      “Effect: Creates a weapon out of cogency that fires a beam of midnight-sunstone energy or Venderant Nalaberong psionics. 3 Dam per cogency point. The pure powerbase damage multiplier is incorporated. Typical damage to start: 90. The beam’s pure powerbase is only be nullified by another Pure powerbase such as Venderant Nalaberong- See Locutious Cognomen-Pure powerbases. “

  3. On a positive note, I really like what he did with the blood oranges and silver apples. It gives the setting more of a video game feel, that you don’t see in a lot of games these day.

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