Movie Mastery – The Star Wars Holiday Special

Star Wars Holiday Special S

So this thing is internet famous as a bizarre travesty against Star Wars right?  Kind of like a Jar-Jar 1978.  What the internet won’t normally tell you about the holiday special is that it is crushingly, painfully boring.  Dicking around a cellphone isn’t enough to survive this thing in one viewing, you’re going to need a tablet, a second TV playing something better, carolers outside your window and every caroler is Gilbert Gottfried… something along those lines.  Anyway, we watched it!  FOR YOU!  Now you don’t have to!  Special thanks to horrible friend of the show Double Vekh for this idea.


8 responses to “Movie Mastery – The Star Wars Holiday Special

  1. Watched this for the first time two weeks ago. Even with the lubricant of Rifftrax the experience was fuckin’ brutal! You don’t watch this special… You *survive* it.

  2. I remember doing a watch of this a couple years ago. I thought I was tough enough to withstand it, but it was too much, way too much. I started cursing life about midway through it.

  3. Why, I always liked Holiday Special: it’s still better then the Episodes 1 to 3. Seriously, it is absurd-ish and rather silly, but it’s “OMG WHY” reputation is undeserved, it’s just your average shit, late 70-ies early 80-ies style.

  4. I want to add Favreau’s ‘Elf’ for the holidaypalooza. It isn’t a bad movie on its own, but I’ve watched it enough times to hate it. Please say bad things about it and make me happy.

  5. I was a little disappointed that you didn’t comment on the commercials but otherwise way to go for enduring the Holiday Special

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