Terms and Conditions – Afterthought 21

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After cramming our tiny mortal meat brains with the craziness of Immortal, we needed to discuss the concept of setting a game apart by the playful act of renaming every common term in the standard halls of gaming.  Does it work?  Or does it merely cause confusion and headaches?  Oh and after that we read about a million questions, which I think we can all agree is the good part of these episodes anyway.

4 responses to “Terms and Conditions – Afterthought 21

  1. The Japanese game where Lawyers fight in giant robots to settle court cases is a real thing, it’s called Giant Allege. It was covered in the FATAL and Friends thread way back in the day. If you have archive access you can read it for yourself.

    It’s a simple game, but it is indeed pretty damn glorious.

  2. It seems like the recycling of Tolkien races into Shadowrun serves the same purpose as the usage of familiar game terms from D&D – it creates a point of familiarity, so people can jump right in without having to learn a bunch of game-specific jargon.

    Otherwise, you end up with something like Skyrealms of Jorune, and players are forced to wade through piles of meaningless fantasy words before they can start playing.

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