The Internet Knows Best – Afterthought 16

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We reviewed a game that, while ultimately a little disappointing and overcomplicated, was propped up on the internet as a huge otherkin fetish game.  Was it really?  Did the people who made it think so?  How much attention do designers need to pay attention to the internet when making their new games?  Let’s talk about it, shall we?

11 responses to “The Internet Knows Best – Afterthought 16

  1. Thank you for bringing up the exalted 3rd abyssal controversy. The Exalted devs seem to be just doing their best to pretend that the whole event never happened, including that whole promise of an apology, so it’s nice to see that *someone* still remembers that undelivered apology.

    • It was such a weird hill for them to decide they were going to fight on. I can’t imagine the process where by someone tells you “Hey man, just saying, that seems super rapey” and then you double down on it.

      • It’s apparently real difficult for some people to say, “I see your point. Sorry it was gross.”

      • Maybe they believe in a silent majority of their fan base that only buys the material for its edge content, and they’re super afraid of scaring away the creeper demographic.

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