Micro RPGs – System Mastery 51

This episode was so very refreshing.  Five tiny, lovely RPGs made recently by designers that had fun in mind.  It’s really not our wheelhouse to cover good stuff, but we wanted to throw out some love, even if it’s just every now and then.  In this episode we cover All Outta Bubblegum, Everyone is John, Lasers & Feelings, Doctor Magnethands, and Gangland.  These games are all cheap to free and can be found on the internet, so go forth and play them.

8 responses to “Micro RPGs – System Mastery 51

  1. Micro RPGs are hella fun to write – I have a few on RPGNow myself. Strangely, it’s a lot easier to turn a full-sized game into a micro game than it is to write one from scratch.

    I like a folded format rather than full-sheet or pocketmod, but there was a great pocketmod game contest a while ago.

  2. I just recently discovered Adventurers! Despite some problematic gender and race stuff in a couple of the setting supplements, it seems like a pretty great one-shot system.

  3. Picking up on the Brian Doyle-Murray reference, “Everyone is John” seems kind of like you’re playing out the middle of “Groundhog Day”, where Phil is going crazy because nothing he does makes any difference and he always wakes up in the same place.

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