Movie Mastery – Wing Commander


Wing Commander is a film we watched.  It was filmed in Luxembourg.  Luxembourg is the last remaining Grand Duchy in the world, and is the country where popular internet communication company Skype makes its home.  They speak Luxembourgish there.  Wing Commander stars Freddie Prinze Jr., Saffron Burrows, and Matthew Lillard.  Other famous Freds and Matthews include Flintstone and Modine.  The other famous Saffron is an expensive flower farmed in Spain.  We hope you enjoyed our report on Wing Commander.

9 responses to “Movie Mastery – Wing Commander

  1. I was a huge Wing Commander fan when this movie came out, and it made me very angry. They don’t really hold up today, but for the time they were pretty cool video games.

    PS I think you accidentally pasted the same link twice for your tee-shirt plug, because they both just seem to go to the front page of TeePublic.

  2. This movie. They had access to the entire Wing Commander universe and did NOTHING with it. It’s like someone having access to the best buffet in the world and coming back with a half plate of stale crackers and a glass of dish water.

  3. I suspect this wasn’t a “Wing Commander” movie so much as a generic sci-fi/action movie they bolted the license onto. Likely somebody managed to put together just enough money and recognizable names to get the property and run with it.
    When I saw it I knew nothing about the game, but I HAD already seen “Starship Troopers,” “Top Gun” and “Das Boot.” This is literally all I remembered about the movie ’til you started talking about it.

  4. The saddest thing in Wing Commander was Captain Hercule Poirot. He really looked like he didn’t want to be there. Can’t blame him.

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